Modal Overdrive

Modal Overdrive by Secret Aging Men
Modal Overdrive by Secret Aging Men CD

Released on February 10, 2011

Produced by Sal Caltabiano

Engineered by Sal Caltabiano

You can download Modal Overdrive from:

Modal Overdrive

01. Portal
/ 11:28
02. Dark Circus
/ 7:10
03. Transfission
/ 4:47
04. Daydreamer
/ 4:19
05. Lost Legion
/ 4:29
06. Border War
/ 3:28
07. New World Suite
/ 12:20


  • Rick Meyer - Guitars / Guitar Synth
  • Ed McAdory - Keyboards / Strings
  • Dana McCarthy - Bass
  • Martin Abbott - Drums

Album Notes

Autumn 2010: Dana and Martin came over to the Secret Aging Studio and jammed with Rick and Ed. This continued for a few weeks of Sundays. Sal, not having to be drummer, recorded it all and was free to focus on killer-in-your-face live tracking techniques he was so good at.  In 2011 SAM released it's first CD in 4 years from these jam sessions.  "modal overdrive" exhibits the pinnacle of spontaneous musical creativity for the Secret Aging Men project. The entire 48 minute CD, divided into 7 distinct tracks, are all superior jams recorded live-on-the-fly direct to Alesis HD-24, through a 32 channel analog Soundcraft Ghost console.  Secret Aging Men urges everyone interested in charged, ultra-creative, musical spontaneity, to get "modal overderive." Get the CD if you can . . .

Warning: Listening to Modal Overdrive while driving may make you unknowingly drive faster. . . be careful!

Recommended Tracks:  All of them